*What are the requirements to get your Driver's License?

1.Take Driver’s Education as early as 15 years & 4 months but wait until your 15 ½ to get your permit. Permit is NOT valid until after your first 2 hour BTW and the instructor signs the second page. You cannot drive before then or you risk getting it taken away.
 2.Hold the permit for at least 6 months. In that time you need a total of 6 hours BTW with us, and 50 hours with parent/guardian over 25 years old. 10 of those hours have to be nighttime driving, and they will sign the second page of your permit Swearing under Penalty of Perjury you’ve had at least 50 hours. More is Better. The permit is good for a year though.
 3.At age 16 or when all above requirements have been met, you can get your Driver’s License. 
4.Without the above State of California Requirements, you cannot get your Driver’s License before the age of 18. 

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